Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

by Puppy Palace 01 may

Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppies are adorable little adventurers. Everything is brand new to them, which can make everyday household items seem pretty exciting – and something a curious pup may want to chew on. One of the best things a soon-to-be pet parent can do is puppy-roof their home before the big day. By puppy-proofing your home ahead of time, you'll help create a safe environment for your new furry friend to explore.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Out Of Reach

A jack russell terrier sitting next to a blue bucket of cleaning products.

Store all cleaning supplies in a locked and secure space, far away from your pup's reach. When it comes time to clean your home with these products, make sure your puppy is kept in a safe space away from the recently cleaned area. That's because some of the vapors from chemicals found in household cleaners can be harmful to our canine friends. If you're looking for alternative cleaning options, there are dog-safe house products on the market today. Even with pet-safe household cleaning products, always be sure to read and follow the label.

Check Your Plants

Did you know some of the most popular houseplants are actually poisonous if ingested by puppies and dogs? Common plants like aloe vera, calla lilies, and ZZ plants make the list of unsafe houseplants. Depending on the plant, the effects can range from mild to severe, and sometimes, even deadly. It's important to check if your plants are pet-safe before bringing your new pup home. If any of your plants are not pet-safe, be sure to move them onto tables, shelves, or other places where your puppy cannot get to them.

A siberian husky puppy smelling a potted plant.

This Is No Shock: Electrical Cords and Puppies Are Not A Good Mix

A brown puppy looking into a roll of cable.

Chewing on electrical cords can cause burns, shock, or worse. Help keep your pup safe in their new home by storing electrical cords out of reach, using a cord concealer, or unplugging them. To help ensure your puppy is safe, make sure they are always supervised when out of their puppy-proof space or crate.

Cover & Secure Your Garage

Full of interesting smells and things to investigate, a garbage bag can be an intriguing opportunity for a young pup. Unfortunately, the trash is also often filled with items that could be dangerous if consumed by puppies. Not only are the items in the bag potentially poisonous or choking hazards, but a puppy can also get stuck in the bag and risk suffocation.

A tan norfolk terrier dog in a red bucket.

Safely Store Medications

A siberian husky and a golden retriever leaning with their paws up on a counter.

Even when kept in pill bottles, medication can still pose a risk to your pet. Keep all medications and supplements securely stored in a cabinet, drawer, or somewhere out of reach.

By following these five tips and puppy-proofing your home ahead of time, you can now focus on the fun part: getting to know your new furry family member! If you have questions about puppy-proofing your home, the experts at the Puppy Palace are here to help.